About us

We are a small brand of soft sole mini shoes and snuggle blankets. This mama-owned, humble little shop is filled with treasures that are designed in-house, or those of crafters who share our vision of creating truly beautiful items for little ones.

Made for little humans and for the memories that you cherish the most, boundless love and care goes into making each and every one of our products. Thank you so much for joining our journey!

Our Story

Pepper & Mint was founded in 2018 by Conny, shortly after the arrival of her little boy. As a first time mother, she received many gorgeous gifts from dear friends but her favorites were always the handmade ones where you could see the talent and passion of its maker, making it truly unique and special. She especially loved the adorable soft sole shoes and lovely blankets that she received, and wanted to pass on the joy and delight of receiving these beautifully handcrafted gifts to others.

Fast forward to now, Pepper & Mint has been passed on to another mother, who was once a New York Attorney. As she witnessed her daughter Joanna’s, first milestones, she found her purpose shifting from law to the imaginative world of children’s business, guiding her to Pepper & Mint.

The vision of Pepper & Mint, so intertwined with the joy of giving, resonated with of her life. Our mission is to continue this journey of enchantment, crafting items that go beyond being mere products. They are companions in your family’s cherished moments.

The true compass of the brand is her daughter, Joanna, whose independent spirit and discerning eye guides our selection. We only share products that receive her stamp of exuberant approval. Under Joanna’s watchful leadership, a delightful blend of quality and whimsy is assured!

Supporting Stay-at-home Parents

Our mini shoes and snuggle blankets are ethically made and created by home-based crafters, who are mostly stay-at-home moms and dads. We love supporting and empowering stay-at-home parents in developing countries, and how our business model allows us to produce exceptional products and maintain high-integrity labor practices. So know that when you purchase from our shop you are helping to support the families of these wonderful crafters. 

Giving Back

Pepper & Mint is a proud supporter of Volunteer for the Visayans (VFV), a charity based in Tacloban, Philippines. This small town's community is a symbol of strength and resilience after being hit by Typhoon Yolanda in 2013, and to this day is still rebuilding itself from the devastation caused by the typhoon. Part of the proceeds from every one of Pepper & Mint’s sales will be donated to VFV, who plays an integral role in Tacloban's community in promoting sustainable development in the areas of child welfare, education and public health.

If you are interested in finding out more about VFV and donate, please click on the link below:


From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for taking the time to support our small business. Please do not hesitate to contact us and say hi. We are excited to get to know you better!

With love,
K/Joanna’s mum